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Keret wins Prestigious Bronfman Prize

This week Etgar Keret had the honor of being the 2016 recipient of the prestigious Charles Bronfman Prize. The prize was awarded to him "in recognition of his work conveying Jewish values across cultures, and imparting a humanitarian vision throughoutthe world."

Stephen Bronfman stated: We recognize that humanitarian work is increasingly taking new forms and this marks the first time The Charles Bronfman Prize has been awarded to an individual who uses storytelling as a medium through which he challenges and inspires the way people think about themselves and the world. Etgar Keret is an important international voice who speaks of the Jewish condition in contemporary terms and demonstrates that writers can play an influential and critical role within society.

From Etgar Keret: “There are many Jewish values that affect my work, but the one that I find central is questioning. Jewish heroes share a passion to think and challenge, and not follow anyone blindly. Abraham, Moses, Job, Jonah and many other Jewish role models did not hesitate to argue about what they thought right; even with God himself."

You may read more about the Charles Bronfman Prize here.

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