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Dorit Rabinyan

Israeli Bestselling Novelist

Dorit Rabinyan is the bestselling author of the acclaimed Persian Brides and Strand of a Thousand Pearls. She is the recipient of the Itzhak Vinner Prize, the Prime Minister’s Prize, The ACUM award and the Jewish Quarterly Wingate Award. All the Rivers was named as a book of the year by Ha’aretz and awarded the prestigious Bernstein Prize.

In 2016, after 15 years of silence, Rabinyan published All the Rivers (also known as Borderlife), which became the center of a political scandal in Israel. The momentous novel, sensitive in its details and enthralling at its peaks, was banned from use in high schools curriculum by Israel's Ministry of Education. The book tells a story crisscrossed by physical and emotional borderlines and courageously marks the deceit in the separation between “you” and “I,” between “us” and “them.” All the Rivers spent more than a year as #1 bestseller in Israel, and has been translated into 17 languages.  

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Dorit Rabinyan's Website

Photograph by Ziv Koren

Lecture Topics

•  On Literature and Censorship

•  All the Rivers (or Borderlife)

•  Strand of a Thousand Pearls

•  Culture and Politics in Israel

•  Adaptation: Novels, Film, and Theater

•  Persian Brides 

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