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Barak Heymann

Award-winning Documentary Filmmaker

"One of my favorite filmmakers working today" — Wim Wenders


"Bark Heymann is  not only a talented director whose moving seep deep into the heart and never leave, but also a fascinating, bold, funny, and inspiring speaker. You'll leave with a deep understanding of what is Israel." —Ari Folman (Golden Globe Award Winner)

"Barak has a gift of being able to connect with everyone in the audience, regardless of age and background, and deliver his humanistic and artistic messages in a fascinating and extraordinary way."  —Shula Spiegel (International Emmy Award winner for "Teheran")

At this moment of political turmoil and crisis on-the-ground, Barak Heymann is one of the most prolific documentary filmmakers in Israel today and is the head of the film school at Beit Berl College. 

Barak Heymann has been directing and producing documentaries for TV and cinema for more than 20 years. Heymann Brothers Films, the independent film company led by Barak and his brother Tomer, has produced over 30 documentaries, some as international co-productions. Their films have premiered in numerous festivals worldwide, such as Berlinale, IDFA, and Hot Docs, where they have won prestigious awards.

In his exciting new lecture series, ISRAEL BEHIND THE SCENES: An interactive emotional political artistic journey into the heart of Israel's DNA, Barak interweaves select clips of films and television series he has created over the last twenty years, all of which touch on issues and layers that make the Israeli reality so complex - conflicted and racist and at the same time full of potential, activism and hope. 


With the breadth of issues, heroes and time periods that Barak’s film and television productions have spanned, he offers bespoke lectures in this unusual format on a wide variety of topics (see topics listed adjacent). Barak can also craft lectures on customized themes upon request. 


Photo by Lorenzo Ferroni

Lecture Topics

  •  When Disabilities Become Superpowers

  •  Israel: The Next Generation 

  •  Women and Feminism in Israel

  •  Different Kind of LOVE: Israeli love stories

  •  Minorities in Israel

  •  LGBTQ+

  •  The Israeli-Palestinian conflict 

  •  Into the mind of a film director

   •  The Old and the Restless

  •  “I need a hero”: Finding a protagonist

  •  Art and Politics in Israel

  •  How did we get here (for G-d’s sake)? Israel's      

      current political climate

  •  Jewishness 

Barak Heymann

Barak Heymann

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