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Eshkol Nevo

International Best-selling Israeli Writer

“Eshkol Nevo is a fascinating storyteller who gives the reader a broad and diverse picture of Israeli society.” —Amos Oz
“Eshkol Nevo is a brilliant literary chemist who succeeds in extracting from daily life’s most mundane events the deepest crystallized essence of the contemporary Israeli psyche.” —Etgar Keret

Born in 1971 in Jerusalem, Eshkol Nevo is the author of five novels. His best-selling debut novel Homesick (2004) was awarded  the Reimond vallier prize in France, shortlisted for the Sapir prize in Israel, and longlisted for the independent prize in the UK. His second bestselling novel World cup wishes ( 2007) won the Golden Book Prize in Israel and was awarded the Adei-Wizo Prize in  Italy.  His novel Neuland (2011) sold more than 130,000 copies in Israel, and was awarded the Steimatzky Prize for Book of  the Year. Nevo's fourth bestselling novel Three Floors Up, was adapted into a film by the renown Italian director Nanni Moretti titled 'Tre Piani'. The Last Interview came out in English in October 2020. 

Nevo's Sixth novel, Inside Information, is inspired by a legend from the Talmud. The complex novel is com­prised of three sus­pense­ful and mas­ter­ful­ly craft­ed nar­ra­tives.

Nevo is the grandson of the third Prime Minister of Israel, Levi Eshkol. In his childhood he spent several years in Detroit. Several of his books have been adapted to the stage, and presented at Beit Lasin and in HaBima. Nevo teaches writing in Israel's most prestigious art school, and runs popular writing workshops in Israel. 



A honeymoon in South America that should have been romantic becomes more nightmarish by the minute. A senior doctor at a Tel Aviv hospital feels a powerful, inexplicable urge to protect a young female resident who has recently joined the internal medicine department.
A married couple goes out for their regular Saturday morning walk in the orchards on the outskirts of town. The man walks back into the orchard for a moment—and disappears without a trace.


Eshkol Nevo’s darkest, most thrilling novel to date, Inside Information weaves together three turbulent and unconventional love stories, diving deep into the enigma that lies at the heart of all intimacy, whether between a man and a woman, a parent and a child, or a person and what they’ve lost.


A writer tries to answer a set of interview questions sent to him by a website editor. At first, they stick to the standard fare: Did you always know you would be a writer? How autobiographical are your books? Have you written any stories you would never publish? Usually his answers in these situations are measured, calculated, cautious. But this time, when his heart is about to break and his life is about to crumble, he finds he cannot tell anything but the truth. The naked, funny, sad, scandalous, politically incorrect truth.

Every question the writer tackles opens a door to a hidden room of his life. And each of his answers reveals that at the heart of every truth, there is a lie—and vice versa. Surprising, bold, intimate, and utterly engrossing, The Last Interview shows just how tenuous the lines are between work and life, love and hate, fact and fiction. And in exploring the many, often contradictory facets of an Israeli author’s identity, Eshkol Nevo also gives us a nuanced, thought-provoking portrait of a country at odds with itself

Lecture Topics

     Inside Information

     The Last Interview

    •  Three Floors Up

    •  A Wish and a Journey

    •  Home, Homesick, and Wondering

    •  Zionism, Shamanism, and Literary Fiction

        in Israel

    •  How did I Discover I'm a Jewish Writer?

    •  The Journey of Writing, and Writing of    



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