Eshkol Nevo

Award-winning Israeli Writer

Eshkol  Nevo was born in 1971 in Jerusalem. He is a writer and a creative writing teacher. His best-selling novel Homesick (2004) was awarded  the Reimond vallier prize in France, shortlisted for the Sapir prize in Israel, and longlisted for the independent prize in the UK. His bestselling novel World cup wishes ( 2007) won the Golden Book Prize in Israel and was awarded the Adei-Wizo Prize in  Italy.  His novel Neuland (2011) sold more than 130,000 copies in Israel, and was awarded the Steimatzky Prize for Book of  the Year. His most recent bestselling novel, Three Floors Up (2017), deals with residential life in Tel Aviv, crisis identity, and the darkness of parenthood. 


Nevo's novel Homesick was selected as one of the 2016 fiction picks for the National Jewish Book Club selection guide. 


Lecture Topics

    •  Three Floors Up

    •  A Wish and a Journey

    •  Home, Homesick, and Wondering

    •  Zionism, Shamanism, and Literary Fiction

        in Israel

    •  How did I Discover I'm a Jewish Writer?

    •  The Journey of Writing, and Writing of