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Lihi Lapid

Israeli Writer & Journalist
Speaker on Contemporary Women's Issues

Lihi Lapid is a bestselling author, journalist, and speaker on contemporary women’s issues. For over ten years, Lapid has been writing a weekly column in Israel's main newspaper, Yediot Ahronot. She has written three bestselling novels – Secrets from Within, Woman of Valor, and I Can’t Always Be Wonderful, as well as a bestselling children’s book. Prior to becoming a writer, Ms. Lapid was a professional news photographer. She lives with her husband, Israeli Finance Minister Yair Lapid, and their two children in Tel Aviv.


"I here by free myself. I say goodbye to the agony that I feel because I can’t always be perfect, impeccably organized, meticulously punctual, and perennially smiling. The reality is I’m not going to be like that. And when I try, I just end up falling apart and getting angry at myself. It seems to me that if I try a little bit less, things will work out a lot better, and everyone will benefit. Especially me".


Watch Lihi Lapid's TED Talk

Lecture Topics

    •  The Evolving Definition of the Modern Woman 

    •  Women of Valor

    •  Falling in Love with Compromise

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