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Savyon Liebrecht

Israeli Playwright & Novelist

One of Israel's most distinguished and popular authors, Savyon Liebrecht has won an avid readership in the U. S. for her rich, believable fiction about affairs of the heart. Her themes include the enmity between Jews and Arabs, the oppression of women, and the lingering effects of the Holocaust. Grace Paley, who wrote the forward to Liebrecht's first translated collection of stories, called her stories "fierce pleas for understanding and justice." 


Savyon Liebrecht was born in Germany to Holocaust survivors parents. A fiction writer, novelist, and playwright, her stories often have recurring themes of the Holocaust, and women's experience in Israel's patriarchal society. She gives lectures on the creative process, the difference between writing prose and drama, and relating to the holocaust from the second generation's perspective. Her books includes Apples from the Desert, A Man and a Woman and a Man, A Good Place for the Night, and The Women My Father Knew. 


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