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New novel by Meir Shalev forthcoming in Sep 2016


By: SHALEV, Meir

Fiction, 2016

Master storyteller Meir Shalev’s TWO SHE-BEARS is an unconventional literary thriller about two murders – one committed as an act of vengeance and the second as an act of retribution. Spanning three generations in one family’s life, this is a tale of love, betrayal, revenge, loss, brutality and salvation.

“I have never avenged a person with a real vengeance. I have never felt that kind of impulse towards anyone, but the emotion of vengeance and actualizing it has attracted me and has suffused me with curiosity for many years. And from the day that I began writing I have been contemplating this possibility. This is the only privilege authors have, to create for themselves the plot that they would like to read and even participate in. Two She-Bears is the fruit of this enduring aspiration. It is told through the voice of a woman, Ruta, forty-six years old, as she describes the vengeance, the love, the memory and the passion in her family. Part of the book is based on a true story that has been kept secret for many years. This story surpasses, to my pity and to my joy, what I could possibly create myself. It caused me to look at myself and those close to me in a different way. I’m afraid that this might happen to its readers as well." – Meir Shalev

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